Is Your CBD Clean and Safe?

Is Your CBD Clean and Safe?

CBD – cannabidiol oil – can be found in everything from skin care to healing balms to sublingual products and is used to ease aches and pain, tension, stress, headaches and much more. The rise in popularity stems from research showing that the medicinal property of CBD is strong, with little side effects.

At Theracream, our compound pharmacist, Paul Sullivan, is heavily involved in the process of the CBD Hemp Oil Extract that we use – from seed to product – to ensure the safety and quality of the oil. Our products are tested by independent labs for contaminants and concentration of CBD. The results allow us to guarantee that our topical CBD cream – Theracream Extreme –  is 100% natural, clean, and safe so you can enjoy deep and long-lasting satisfaction without worry.

In 2017, the CBD market surpassed $400 million. Companies – big and small – jumped on board to sell products that contained CBD oil. Many companies purchased CBD oil for their products with little or no background research in growth practices which resulted in many of today’s CBD products being contaminated with pesticides and other toxins.

An investigative report by ABC7/WJLA looked at test results from a lab that tested 240 top-selling products for 300 contaminants and discovered that “70 percent of products were found “highly contaminated” with heavy metals like lead and arsenic, herbicides like glyphosate (the active ingredient in RoundUp) and a host of other contaminants including pesticides, BPA and toxic mold.” 

It is frightening to think that a person may believe they are treating their ailments with a natural substance when, in fact, they may be ingesting or slathering on something that is highly toxic.

How do you know if your CBD oil product is clean and safe?

Look for companies who have their products tested by a third-party, independent laboratory and will share their results. The lab will not only test for the presence of contaminants, but it will also test for the amount (concentration) of CBD oil that is actually in the product. Surprisingly some products may have a lot less CBD oil than claimed on the label (we will cover this in a future blog post).