"We are in love with your product! We use it on our arms after giving massages and treatments all day, and we can feel like we are getting massages ourselves after using THERACREAM®. We can feel it working immediately after putting it on. We would not be able to do this kind of work without it. The product sells itself! Thank you THERACREAM®!"


- Skin Dance Day Spa


"THERACREAM® is the cleanest, purest product of its kind that I've used on massage clients in my ten years of practice. Everyone comments on how much they love its natural, herbal fragrance. I've found THERACREAM® to be very effective with sore muscles. THERACREAM® adds that extra kick to my benefit my massage clients!"

- Janette C. L.M.T., Health Professional 


"In all of my travels, as a survivor of my illness, Lyme Disease, I have tried just about everything except prescribed pills. I have systematically experimented with all kinds of so-called "natural" products out there, and NOTHING has ever come close to the rapid results I get with this "dream cream THERACREAM®!"

- Annie G., Lyme Disease Awareness & Education 


"I've been a massage therapist for 21 years . . . THERACREAM® is far superior in efficacy, application and ingredients."

- Mermaid Spa


“I used THERACREAM® Cream on the strained tendons and muscles on the top of my hand for two thirty minute sessions with the heated Theracream pillow. The tenderness greatly subsided that night and I could use my hand strain free from any challenges the next day.”

- Lynne S., Retired Teacher 


"In the seven years of being a massage therapist, THERACREAM® is the finest analgesic product out there on the market. My clients love it! I really like the easy to use 8 oz. pumps. Also, I just love the way it smells!"

- L. Ashby, CMT, Massage Therapist - Body Mind Spirit


"I gave some THERACREAM® to my mom who has quite a bit of discomfort. She has been through multiple back surgeries and has swelling and stiffness in her hands. She tried a small amount and found it did help quite a bit. Can I get 2 of the largest containers you have of the product? Thanks again! Awesome product!"

- Eric S.


"I suffered terribly from due to over activity in my thumbs from over activities in my life. I've tried Advil with little success. Then, I tried THERACREAM® and it worked within 15 minutes. I am a strong believer in this company. The formulator is developing all natural creams to the market to help people get results without taking drugs."

- Lori P., Beach Club Athletics Owner 


“I haven’t taken an Advil or IBUPROFEN since finding this magic cream! 2 dots on my temples, and my headaches are gone in minutes.”

- D. DeLaine, 


"So yesterday, as I’m getting ready to leave work, I was going down the stairs and before I knew it, I lost my footing and tumbled down the entire flight. How I didn’t break a bone or get a concussion, I’ll never know but I went home feeling battered and bruised. My son says “Mamma, there is a box here for you” and sure enough it was my THERACREAM CBD!!!! He helped me open it (I had broken a nail and my hand was all bruised and cut) and I immediately started putting it on my wrist, elbow, ankle and knee. OMG this product is AMAZING!!!!! I am buying another bottle so I can have one with me at all times and one at home. I could have bathed in it last night it helped so much! I also LOVE the fragrance!!!! I can’t thank you enough for shipping it so fast. I will be telling EVERYONE about this product!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!! Forever Grateful…"

- Ginamarie M.


"My daughter bought me a 2 oz. bottle for Christmas. I am just amazed at how quick and how well it works, I will be ordering a larger size soon! Thank you!"

- Aliece G.


"I'm a massage therapist who uses Theracream on my clients. I was so excited when I heard about the new CBD hemp oil version of Theracream. I have noticed how much better my hands and thumbs feel while massaging my clients, who I'm also referring to this incredible cream!"

- Raul V., L.M.T.


"I suffer from headaches, and have been using Theracream on my neck and temples. Within a few minutes, my headache starts to subside, then is completely gone. I also use Theracream  on my daughter’s legs when she gets leg cramps from growing pains. It works so fast and helps her sleep. I recommend Theracream to everyone!”

- Jeanne


"I just left my Massage where Stephanie....Jedi Masseuse changed my world. She lathered me up with THERACREAM (contains natural herbs and essential oil) which you have access to when you are Mother Earth. As she started massaging my shoulders and neck, she worked me into an "altered" state. No, seriously, I found myself flying over Africa. How can I describe it? Imagine tensing every muscle in your body and, then, finally letting go. It was that kind of Peace. I'm not sure whether you can be arrested for driving under the influence of Massage....though my experience would be worth it. The point is, if everyone would get a massage, the world would be in a better place."

- Jason Love


"I've been telling all my friends about your product because it's the only thing that has helped my neck issues and actually works! Thank you for making such a great product that provides help to someone that was suffering! I really mean that."

- Susie C. 

"I am an 82 year old. I have been active all my life, working forty years as a hospital nurse and playing tennis for more years than that. I have RA in my ankles, finding it quite irritating most of the time. In the past 6 months I have been using Theracream Extreme on my ankles & feel great.  The achiness is still there, but it is considerably more comfortable when I use it. I find I can walk & go about my daily life so much better. To me it has been a bit of a miracle as the RA challenges are greatly reduced when I use the cream. Thank you."

- Roberta M.