Benefits of Theracream

Helps Provide Long Lasting Relief From:

  1. Migraine/Headache Tension
  2. Back and Neck Tension
  3. Sports Injuries
  4. Joint & Muscle Tention
  5. Fibromyalgia 
  6. Inflammation
  7. Tendonitis/ Bursitis
  8. Repetitive Stress Injuries
  9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  10. Acute & Chronic 
  11. Sprains & Strains

Tips on Use: 

  • Use for muscle & joint pain, by applying cream to effected area and for acute cramps use the "Ice-Cream" method. First ice for 10-15 minutes, then apply Theracream.
  • For Ultrasound use -  (for Professional) First apply the Theracream. Then apply the aqueous gel when using "Physio-therapeutic" Ultrasound. 

"THERACREAM® is one of the first products to actually do what it claims, it relieves pain."
Debbie Steinbach, LPGA Golf Pro