Lab Results Confirm CBD Concentration in our Topical CBD Cream


At Santa Barbara Solutions we believe in transparency when it comes to our products. We send out our topical CBD/Hemp Oil Extract Cream to independent labs to test for concentration levels and THC presence.

Our latest lab test results confirm:

  • 403 mg of CBD extract per 2 oz of product (we guarantee 400 mg)

Click Here (or click directly on the PDF) to view the lab results. 


As you well know there are countless oral and topical products CBD on the market today for you to choose from but we separate Theracream Extreme4 from the rest as we make it our business to offer only the highest quality CBD Extract/Hemp extract, sourced from the very best and safest suppliers, and as the lab test confirms, at the dose we guarantee.

PLUS, our Compound Pharmacist, Paul Sullivan, is heavily involved in the CBD extract process from seed to product to ensure the safety and quality of the extract. PLUS, we add supporting natural ingredients that make it possible for our product to penetrate deeper into the layers of skin and offer you longer lasting comfort. 

Theracream original and Theracream Extreme4 are manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients to bring you natural, safe, clean, and effective topical deliverance without the worry of side effects.