Theracream Testimonial

Theracream Natural Pain Relief Topical Cream

“The only thing that worked for me was Theracream.” – Ursula Nanason 

Ursula Nanson shares her story about how Theracream Extreme4 was the only thing that worked for her. She spent 9 years taking opioids for agony management due to a foot / ankle issue and discovered Theracream while trying more than 40 other discomfort products. She has been using it for 3 years and has stopped taking prescription management medicine. 

Ursula is the owner of Conejo Organics, a store that carries the highest quality Hemp Oil products (and Theracream Extreme4is one of them!).

 Listen to her amazing story:

Hearing stories from clients like Ursula makes us very happy!

Theracream and Theracream Extreme4 are formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients so it can be used for as long as needed to relieve injuries without the worry of side effects. Browse our topical discomfort products here