Why Theracream?

So you are asking why Theracream? Because it has 100% all natural ingredients, and it provides soothing discomfort support  so life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

100% All Natural Ingredients And Their Benefits

Aloe Vera base: (33%) The three most common known benefits of Aloe Vera are that it is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.  What you may not know is that it helps with muscle discomfort, leg cramps and most recently aids in the release of headaches. It is also a wonderful moisturizer that promotes healthy & vibrant skin.

Arnica:  A popular herb well known for relief of swelling, muscle discomfort, joint agony and trauma. Arnica is applied to the skin for irritation and swelling associated with bruises, aches, and sprains.

Boswellia: It is effective for soothing aching joints when applied externally, and also gives relief to those suffering from body discomfort, lower back tension, and inflamed muscles.

Camphor: An herb that eases muscle aches when used externally. It is known for producing heat. Camphor is obtained from the camphor tree (Evergreen Tree) native to Eastern Asia. 

Comfrey:  An herb recommended externally for tension control, and aiding in the repair of joints damaged by inflammation. 

Cayenne Pepper:  Cayenne Pepper has a long history of use in the control of tension. The main ingredient is capsaicin, which has been known for heat, and its effectiveness in easing of nerve damage, and fibromyalgia.

Ginger: Used externally for relaxing sore muscles, produces heat, and eases inflammation, and improves circulation. 

Menthol: Well know for its cooling attributes. It is a derived from peppermint. It eases muscle tension, headaches, muscle cramps and compliments the aroma benefits of the peppermint. 

Turmeric:  It is externally used for the treatment of injuries of the muscles and joints. The main active ingredients is curcumin,  which is well documented for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Wintergreen: Derived from the Evergreen Tree for external use, and is almost entirely Methyl Salicylate (the active component of Aspirin), which is 20% stronger in its natural form. It is well documented as an anti-inflammatory & analgesic.

Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils:  A special blend of essential oils that aid in headache tension, and contribute to the aroma-therapeutic benefits of Theracream.


Additional Ingredients for Theracream Extreme:

Rich Hemp Extract
: It is used topically for enhanced discomfort. We use the highest quality pure hemp extract sourced from the hemp plant. No THC. No mood elevation.

Both Theracream and Theracream Extreme are non-staining, free of GMO’s, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial coloring and never tested on animals.